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Delicious Easy Garlic Recipes for Chicken

I love cooking with garlic so my Garlic Chicken Recipe Collection is quite well used for easy and delicious dinner ideas.

Garlic is an a amazing flavourant because it has a different taste depending on how it's cooked - it can have a subtle sweet flavour to a strong almost overpowering one. You can use fresh garlic or ready crushed garlic, or even garlic powder. It’s also nice to cook with garlic infused olive oil.

Garlic is also well known for its health benefits.

Tuscan Garlic Chicken Recipe

Tuscan Garlic Chicken as made by the famous Olive Garden Restaurant. I've never been to Olive Garden because I don't live in the USA. But this Tuscan Garlic chicken is highly spoken of by those who've tried it.

Chicken Kiev Recipe

A seriously delicious Chicken Kiev Recipe taken from a classic French collection of stuffed chicken breast recipes. The boneless chicken breasts are stuffed with a delicious herb and garlic mix then crisp coated and fried or baked..

Curry Chicken Recipe

When my neighbour cooks this Curry Chicken Recipe the most amazing aromas float over my garden wall. The freshly ground spices and herbs including 3 cloves of garlic, mean it requires a little more time for preparation but results in magic flavours.

Crunchy Garlic Chicken

Not being a fan of bought crumbed chicken, here is a lovely crumbed chicken recipe flavoured with garlic and herbs.

Baked Garlic Chicken

This Baked Garlic Chicken Recipe has great flavour. Easy to prepare and a great dinner idea especially if you like garlic.

The 40 Clove Garlic Recipe

I found this 40 Clove Garlic Chicken Recipe and had to try it out for dinner because the 40 cloves of garlic really intrigued me. That's a lot of garlic for a baked chicken recipe, even for a garlic lover so I wasn't sure what to expect. Its surprising because garlic comes out quite mild and has a buttery texture when cooked through.

Garlic and Maple Roast Chicken Recipes

This Roast Chicken Recipe has a superb sweet, garlic baste. The Maple coated chicken legs are oven roasted on a bed of potatoes and vegetables with fresh sprigs of thyme and extra garlic to make a flavour-packed Sunday lunch.

Lemon and Garlic Roast Chicken Recipe

Simple but elegant Lemon Roast Chicken Recipe is a favourite oven roasted chicken with great lemon and garlic flavors.

Garlic Chicken and Rice Recipe

Rice cooked in white wine and flavorful chicken stock make this chicken and rice recipe delicious. Parmesan cheese is one of my favourite ingredients to cook with because of the intense flavour it brings to dishes.

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