chicken pie recipe

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Easy As Pie.....Chicken Pies

Have you got the perfect Chicken Pie Recipe? Chicken Pies are just yummy feel-good-food. They can turn cold winter days in to fabulous feasts. So go ahead and comfort friends and family with our range of Chicken Pot Pie Recipes.

chicken pie recipe
For maximum flavour, use the best ingredients. Homemade puff pastry is the ultimate but store-bought pastry is a time saver and probably better if you arn't sure how to make puff pastry. Pie pastry is fairly simple to make though and worth a try at least. Many of the Chicken Pie recipes below have pastry making instructions with them.

Chef's Chicken Pie Cooking Tips

chicken pie recipe

  • Add chopped celery, leeks and parsely to your chicken pie for more wonderful flavour.

  • Use leftover chicken meat or ready-roasted chicken bought from the supermarket to save time.

  • Pies can be frozen before the pastry is cooked. This is so useful for planning meals ahead of time.

  • Mash potatoes is my favourite thing to serve with chicken pie. This Mashed Potato Recipe gives the low down on how to make great mashed potatoes and also some different flavouring options to try out.

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    Not quite a chicken pie but this Chicken and Dumplings Recipe is great comfort food.

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