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Buying Chicken Basics

Introduction to Buying and Storing Perfect Chicken

Some points to consider when buying chicken:

Buy the best quality chicken you can afford. Organic chicken is best and really worth the extra cost because it really is better quality and you'll be getting a fuller flavoured meat.

Choosing Chicken To Buy

If organic is too expensive then try to find free-range chicken. Organic and free-range chickens have plenty of room to roam around and they eat a natural diet in a stress-free environment.

This makes a great difference in their health value as they don't require anti-biotics and the meat is more tasty.

Why Is Organic Chicken More Expensive?

Raising chickens to meet organic standards costs the farmer more and the consumer pays more. Organic farmers provide better quality chicken food (pesticide and GM-free) and a higher standard of living such as more space per bird, smaller flocks and access to outside pasture.

chicken recipes

Purchasing Chicken and Storage Tips

Fresh chicken has better flavour and texture than frozen chicken. Make sure the chicken skin is a healty light pink with no bruises or blemishes.

  • When buying chicken, pick it up last on your shopping route to ensure that it stays as cold as possible until you get home. Do not leave it sitting in the car or boot as the heat will encourage the rapid growth of bacteria that may cause food poisoning.

  • Always wash your hands and any kitchen utensils or plates that have come in contact with raw chicken to discourage the contamination by salmonella bacteria.

  • Refrigerate the chicken immediately after you arrive home. If you need to repackage it, then rinse it and pat dry. Place in a dish in the coolest part of the refrigerator. It can be kept for 3 days.

    Storing Cooked Chicken

  • Do not allow chicken to stand for more than an hour at room temperature after cooking.

  • Store in the refrigerator and use within three days.

  • Stuffings, garvy and sauce should be stored seperately and eaten within 24 hours.

Frozen Chicken

  • Make sure the chicken is frozen solid and that the packaging has no signs of damage or ice deposits that indicate partial thaw and refreezing. Do not buy any chicken that appears semi-frozen.

  • Place the chicken in the freezer immediately on arriving home. An uncooked, home-frozen chicken will keep for up to 9 months.

  • The freezer should be at minus 15 degrees C or lower for freezing fresh chicken. Use heavy duty plastic bags to wrap the chicken in. Try to expel as much air as possible from the package.

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