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I'm Website Design Illiterate

Hi, my name is Kate and I live in sunny South Africa. This is how I got to building this website (now nearly 4 years old) with no website building experience. I hope my story inspires you.

Site Build It!

In 2005, while I was pregnant, I did a vast amount of research on the interneton all things baby and pregnancy related. It was immensly informative and lots of fun but I did become a bit addicted to surfing the net. I also began to develope this feeling that I was missing out by not doing something on the internet or owning some kind of internet real estate - a website of my own. I just had no clue what to do or how to go about it. I was basically illiterate when it came to anything to do with website design or management.

Hobby or Business ?

At that time my mom-in-law was doing research into Affiliate marketing which is whereyou advertise or presell other peoples products on your web site. Soundedinteresting but hmmmm...big problem I needed a website and a site theme orniche topic. Just when I was starting to feel quite despondant about all the hype and "Get-Rich-Quick" programmes, I came across a free download, a book called The Affiliate Masters Course. Oh wow, probably one of the best pieces of information and inspiration I've ever read. It is written by a very clever man called Ken Envoy, the CEO of Sitesell and Site Build It. He explained in absolute clarity the step by step process to Affiliate marketing and all the tools that I would need to succeed in an online business. More than that, he explained how Site build It provided those tools without me having to enroll for a diploma in website design and SEO. You can take the Site Build It Video Tour Here

The Affiliate Masters Course also opened up other possibilities for website ideas. Like turning my hobbies and special talents into a successful,home-based business. So I could take something I am passionate about and enjoy, like cooking, and create a website around this and then start to make some money by selling advertising or products to do with cooking and recipes.

Something inside of me "clicked" and it wasn't my back, I just knew this was right.Dr Ken Envoy had presented me with a challenge that I couldn't refuse. If I used the Site Build It program and I provided the brains and motivation, I could definately see how this would work.

DIY Website Design

So in February 2006, my baby just 15 weeks old, I began to build this website. It was hard though because my time is limited with a small child. The Site Build Itsystem has been fantastic, they really took the fear out of designing a website. They take care of all the technical stuff and I can concentrate on creating content.They showed me how to build my web pages to rank high in the major engines so I can get as much free traffic as possible without spending a cent on marketing.

It's an amazing feeling to see that I have visitors from over 36 countries in the worldall looking for chicken recipes. Every month I see my traffic increase and my income increase.It's not huge but it's a nice bit of money on the side so I can afford a few extras.


I now have a second baby. He was born and started having seizures and they discovered he had had a stroke. I have'nt been able to work on my websites for a while but the traffic keeps growing and my sites are still successful.


What is Site Buid It ?

Site Build It! is the only all-in-one site-building, site-hosting, and site-marketing system of software tools for hobbyists, small business owners, affiliate marketers, actually almost anyone who wants to have a website.

Why Subscribe To The Blog

The folks at SiteSell are always on the cutting edge of everything e-commerce. They've helped tens of thousands of people launch successful Web businesses with SBI!.

SiteSell has an absolutely unique perspective about business, and life. Take a peek inside the world of SiteSell. In the busy, noisy blogosphere, get ready for some quiet, original, and valuable thinking, not to mention unique insights into SiteSell itself. The Blog

Do you have a hobby, experience in a speciality or a passionate interest in a topic? Do you think you would have the motivation and perseverence to create great content that information hungry people are looking for on the internet? You could also have a website like mine and begin to turn your talents into a succesful homebased business.

So if you have been thinking about owning your own bit of internet real-estate I can highly recommend Site Build It! Your need to sleep will diminish greatly as your creativity and imagination take on a new lease of life and your income potential increases.

Questions about Solo Build It

By the way, if you have specific questions about how Solo Build It! can work for you, a live representative will be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. Click here to speak to an expert

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